Furniture & Equipment

Studies show that design choices impact student performance. Learn more about flexibility, functionality, ergonomics and selection – from desks and chairs for the classroom; to equipment for a cafeteria, library or performing arts space; to outfitting sports, athletics and outdoor spaces.


  • Laptop Checkouts Made Easy

    Learn how automated kiosks can facilitate convenient, on-demand access to laptops and tablets, ensuring every student has the tools needed for academic success.

  • Selecting College Dorm Mattresses Guide

    Providing a roadmap for colleges to enhance student living and environmental stewardship, our guide delves into selecting durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly mattresses, aligning with modern educational and sustainability goals.

  • More Than Just a Game: Esports can prepare students for college and a career!

    Explore the steps to establish a thriving esports program in your school or district.


    Discover how Haskell Education's innovative LEARN.THINK.DO. philosophy transforms classrooms, enhances student engagement, and prepares learners for real-world challenges.

  • Multi-Functional Classrooms for Future-Proofing Tomorrow's Workforce

    Discover the evolution of classroom design emphasizing flexibility, productivity, and community. Learn more about the multifaceted approach shaping today's educational experiences and cultivating tomorrow's leaders with Artcobell's innovations.


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