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  • A Sense of Stewardship

    On the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, Chou Hall is a leading example of the practice of sustainable development.

  • Is Your Building Ventilated Like It's 1978?

    Ensuring healthy air in your campus facilities contributes to the well being of your students and staff. Here’s how to breathe easy.

  • What We Need to Know About Quat Binding

    It’s flu season. Effectively keeping the campus environment clean can help reduce the spread of the pathogens that cause the flu.

  • Managing Hazardous Waste on Campus

    Colleges and universities should have plans in place at the beginning of the school year to ensure the safe management of hazardous waste. Doing so ensures the safety of both the campus and surrounding communities.

  • indoor air quality

    Deep Breaths

    The EPA says improving indoor air quality can improve the performance of students and faculty

  • healthy indoor air quality

    Improving IAQ in Your Foodservice Environments

    Foodservice facilities have specific needs. Here are some things to think about when it comes to one of those needs: healthy indoor air quality.