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    campus landscape

    An Award-Winning Landscape

    Duke University has won awards for its campus landscape features and design. Careful planning and thoughtful implementation are just two keys to the university's success. 07/01/2019

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    University of Windsor

    Bringing Out That Community Feel

    A landscape reboot at the University of Windsor makes for a more cohesive, competitive, and inviting campus. 03/01/2019

  • The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)
    campus farm

    Campus Farm Coming to Bucknell

    Bucknell University will grow vegetables for learning, wellness, and engagement. 10/01/2018

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    campus outdoor space

    Outside Ideas for Urban Campuses

    Urban-based institutions are often limited in the size of their campus footprint. Initiatives and installations at these urban campuses are optimizing outdoor spaces to maximize wayfinding, safety, and aesthetics. 09/01/2018

  • The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

    The Healing Power of Landscape

    The University of Texas at Austin balances health, community, and ecology. 05/01/2018

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    movable furniture

    Planning for Movable Furniture

    An outdoor furniture installation on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the result of a desire to increase the use of campus spaces...and a helping hand from a coalition intended to strengthen community. 05/01/2018

  • The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

    Food for Thought

    Award-winning waste management efforts are working for Central Michigan University. 03/01/2018

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    Campus Arboreta: Outdoor Spaces for Learning and for Play

    Developing an accredited arboretum contributes to education, enjoyment, and community engagement on campus. 02/01/2018

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    Outdoor Spaces

    Outdoor Spaces

    Creating a true community place where everyone feels welcome. 10/01/2017

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    Campus Exteriors

    At First Glance

    Campus exteriors provide the initial impression of any college or university. These outdoor spaces can impact recruitment, retention, town/gown and alumni relationships and much more. 10/01/2017

  • The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

    A Tree-Friendly Campus

    UT Dallas is transforming its grounds by caring for its trees. 09/01/2017