Sustainability and High-Performance

High-performance sustainable schools have many benefits from improving health, to lowering operational costs and protecting the environment. Uncover ideas and best practices about acoustics, daylighting, conservation, waste and recycling, materials selection, certification programs, energy savings, and more.


  • Small Design Moves Create Big Campus Impact

    Explore how Finegold Alexander Architects' strategic design renovations at Wellesley College addressed pressing campus challenges within budget constraints, enhancing the experience for students and faculty while aligning with sustainability goals.

  • Elevate Campus Air Quality & Efficiency with ERV

    Discover how Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) is setting new standards for healthy, cost-effective campus environments.

  • Converting Legacy School Buildings to Meet Today's Sustainability Goals: Net Zero, LEED, WELL

    Join us to learn more about a featured case study where design-build teams navigated a complex modernization project, balancing the scales between sustainability, heritage, and stakeholder engagement.

  • ClassMate® by Airedale: IAQ Solution for Today and Tomorrow

    Read this case study about heating, cooling, and ventilation solution for a school district in Danville, Illinois. The ClassMate® by Airedale proved to be the ideal choice, meeting the schools’ requirements for comfort, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and ease of maintenance. Implementing these units resulted in cost savings and improved air quality, providing a successful solution for enhancing the learning environment in the schools.



  • You Can’t Build Your Way to Net Zero

    This episode’s guest is Lori Ferriss, architect with the Boston firm Goody Clancy and Chair of the AIA Committee on the Environment. We’ll discuss how colleges and universities can’t just build their way to net zero in the quest for carbon neutrality—it’s impossible to achieve carbon neutrality without reducing the operational emissions of existing buildings.