Sustainability and High-Performance

High-performance sustainable schools have many benefits from improving health, to lowering operational costs and protecting the environment. Uncover ideas and best practices about acoustics, daylighting, conservation, waste and recycling, materials selection, certification programs, energy savings, and more.




  • PCM and Energy Savings in Schools

    This episode’s guest is Michael Dunn, Technical Sales Manager for Energy Saving Ceilings & PCM at Armstrong World Industries. He’s here to talk about how Phase Change Material (PCM) can help provide energy savings in schools. You’ll learn why many K¬–12 schools are on the hunt for a new HVAC solution and the practical applications of PCM ceiling panels in regulating temperature without driving up energy costs. He’ll also share the results of the case study at a New Hampshire high school that demonstrated the technology’s effectiveness. This episode is sponsored by Armstrong World Industries.

  • You Can’t Build Your Way to Net Zero

    This episode’s guest is Lori Ferriss, architect with the Boston firm Goody Clancy and Chair of the AIA Committee on the Environment. We’ll discuss how colleges and universities can’t just build their way to net zero in the quest for carbon neutrality—it’s impossible to achieve carbon neutrality without reducing the operational emissions of existing buildings.