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    Paths to Campus Enrichment

  • Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)
    green wall

    Green Wall Stands Out

  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    children digging in garden

    Schoolyards that Both Students and Communities Enjoy

    The Space to Grow program is transforming Chicago Public School's schoolyards into vibrant outdoor spaces that encourage physical activity, outdoor learning and community engagement, while also addressing such environmental concerns as stormwater management and water conservation. 01/01/2017

  • Sustainable Schools
    School Gardens

    School Gardens

    Inspiring the next generation to lead healthier lives. 05/01/2016

  • Facility Focus (The Arts: Theaters, Dance, Music And Visual Arts Spaces)
    Windhover Contemplative Center

    Stanford University: The Windhover Contemplative Center

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Outdoor spaces

    Outside the Walls

    Attention to a college or university's signature "look" should include outside features and furnishings. Outdoor spaces, their design, and what you put into them are vital elements of your institution's brand and mission. 12/01/2015

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    campus landscape and grounds

    Investing in Green

    Colleges and universities should invest in and manage their landscaping and grounds as if everyone is watching... because, as it turns out, they are. 08/01/2015

  • Maintaining Buildings & Grounds
    sustainable landscaping

    Maintaining the Green

    Like most things, sustainable landscaping has evolved so that it's much more than planting perennials and reducing watering. 05/01/2015

  • Trends in Green
    greenest school around


    The greenest school around. 12/01/2014

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Campus fencing

    Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

    Campus fencing serves many different functions, be it to enhance landscaping or visual identity, for safety, noise reduction and privacy, or directing traffic. There are any number of types of fencing and other amenities to consider when site planning on campus. 10/01/2014

  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    Security fencing

    Exterior Security Measures

    The correct fencing system may require elements unique to your campus. 10/01/2014

  • Building Exteriors

    Master Planning Campus Amenties - Including Fencing - For Visual Character and Identity

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    green space

    Transforming the Landscape

    Georgia's Mercer University has remade a green space into a transformative campus core. 08/01/2014