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  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    children digging in garden

    Schoolyards that Both Students and Communities Enjoy

    The Space to Grow program is transforming Chicago Public School's schoolyards into vibrant outdoor spaces that encourage physical activity, outdoor learning and community engagement, while also addressing such environmental concerns as stormwater management and water conservation. 01/01/2017

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    outdoor learning spaces

    Outdoor School

    Take a tour of diverse outdoor learning spaces. 01/01/2017

  • Outdoor School Playground

    The Great Outdoors

    Creating attractive outdoor spaces for play and learning that and reflect and propel a school's philosophy and mission. 11/01/2016

  • Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)
    Building an Outdoor Classroom

    Building an Outdoor Classroom

  • Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)
    outdoor learning space

    Blinded by the Light

    Consideration for outdoor learning spaces. 09/01/2016

  • Sustainable Schools
    School Gardens

    School Gardens

    Inspiring the next generation to lead healthier lives. 05/01/2016

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    living-learning laboratory

    Common Ground

    Campus landscapes can have an integrated role in education and research. At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a living-learning laboratory -- The Lakeshore Nature Preserve — has successfully evolved in partnership with the greater campus community. 01/01/2016

  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    Outdoor Environments

    Outdoor Environments

    Playgrounds, gardens and outdoor classrooms are gaining in features and uses. 01/01/2016

  • Six Keys to Useful Outdoor Spaces

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Outdoor spaces

    Outside the Walls

    Attention to a college or university's signature "look" should include outside features and furnishings. Outdoor spaces, their design, and what you put into them are vital elements of your institution's brand and mission. 12/01/2015

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    successful classroom space

    Learning Everywhere

    Today's classroom is anything but traditional as learning branches out into unexpected places. Here is what makes for a successful classroom space and what doesn't make the grade. 08/01/2015

  • Facilies (Learning Spaces)
    Greening Schoolyards

    Greening Schoolyards

    Benefitting students, the community, the schoolyards and beyond. 08/01/2015

  • Trends in Green
    Sustainable School Design

    No Longer a Lofty Goal

    Sustainable design is becoming the norm and being incorporated into all facets of building design. 04/01/2015

  • Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)
    Playgrounds Outdoor Learning

    Shifting Landscapes

    Three trends impacting playgrounds and outdoor learning spaces. 03/01/2015

  • Business (Managing Higher Ed)
    equestrian higher ed studies

    The Winner's Circle

    A new program on the campus of Long Island University taps into an equestrian legacy to prepare students for careers in a burgeoning industry. 01/01/2015