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  • Facility Focus
    The University of Saint Joseph exterior at dusk

    University Of Saint Joseph Expands O'Connell Athletic Center

    The University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, Conn., engaged JCJ Architecture to renovate and expand the school’s existing O’Connell Athletic Center into a flexible, multi-sport arena and venue to accommodate existing and new university programs. 08/01/2022

  • Rethinking Sports Facilities / Campus Amenities

    Considering Spill Light at Campus Athletic Facilities

    Although each piece of the project had its own unique set of challenges and considerations, the design and implementation of the outdoor lighting for the athletic field was particularly complex. The new lighting would need to be bright enough to allow activities and competitions to take place at night but regulated to the point where there would not be an excess of spill lighting that negatively affected those that lived in the nearby neighborhood. 06/06/2022