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  • Hot Tips (Color Pavement Marking)

    MMA vs. Thermoplastic

  • Hot Tips (Color Pavement Marking)

    MMA vs. Thermoplastic

  • The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

    Electric Avenue

    The University of Georgia has raised $15 million to add electric buses to its fleet. 04/01/2017

  • Facilities Management (Managing Assets)

    Pervious Concrete: A Mixed Blessing?

    Do your homework before installing pervious pavement. 09/01/2016

  • A Short Course On Driver Training

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Parking Program

    Smart Parking

    Colorado State University is finding success with a unique approach to promoting sustainability through its parking program. 04/01/2016

  • Maintaining Buildings & Grounds
    parking structure restoration

    Fix It Or Forget It?

    Whenever possible, renovation is the sustainable option. 04/01/2016

  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    School Bus Safety


    School buses in the United States have an astonishing safety record. School-Bus-Safe is as safe as safe can be. 04/01/2016

  • Ask the Expert (Sustainable Transportation)

    Can garages advance our sustainability goals?

  • Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations On Campus)
    Porous Asphalt Pavements

    Porous Asphalt Pavements

    Permeable pavement reduces runoff and filters pollutants from stormwater. 11/01/2015

  • Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

    Safety First

    The right products plus CPTED can contribute to a snug campus. 09/01/2015

  • Transportation

    Managing Inbound Transportation

    Seven steps to reduce "hidden" transportation costs & stretch college budgets. 07/01/2015

  • Facilities (Learning Spaces)
    Safe, Efficient, School Transportation

    Transportation's Key Words: Safety, Efficiency and Service

    Here's how two transportation directors are using GPS, routing and other systems to increase student and fleet safety while making operations more efficient. 04/01/2015

  • Business (Managing Higher Ed)
    College and University Transportation and Parking

    Park It

    Driving alone? That's so passé. Today's colleges and universities think differently about transportation and parking. Is your school ahead of the curve? 04/01/2015

  • AVI at URI