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Community College Gains Efficiencies with Central Online Calendar


CLIENT: Jane Bird, Creative Manager/Webmaster
GEOGRAPHY: Spartanburg, South Carolina
VITALS: 5,000 students
CHALLENGES: Managing different calendars and webpages for student information and events
RESULTS: A customizable event calendar that creates a central place for campus event information

Spartanburg Community College has about 5,000 students and is one of 17 technical colleges in South Carolina. Like any other college, they have a wide range of needs when it comes to organizing and promoting student events, academic calendars, holidays, financial aid deadlines, etc.

Jane Bird, Creative Manager/Webmaster, said in the past there was a break in communication between departments and calendars being used, but no one wanted to own finding a solution. “When it came time for marketing to work on the student planner, it was very difficult to corral all of that information,” she said. “There had been a lot of talk about finding something to unify this information so it can come from one place. Then, we heard about Dude Solutions Event Management.”

After presenting the product to the head of the marketing department and to the executive council, everyone was on board. Next, Jane set out to empower various heads of departments who were already creating calendars, training them on how to use Event Management. So far, she’s trained about a dozen staff members at the college.

Easy Access to Information

The college uses their calendar for public events, student life events, career services, and it has helped greatly with composing the academic calendar and student planner. Jane said they simply export student information with events and use it for the planner and handbook.

website calendar

“This takes two weeks of work out of the equation,” Jane said since it used to be a big undertaking for one person on staff and there was often redundant information. It’s also freed up time for those who manage pages on the website in each department, instantly giving them the information they need online and in an Excel format.

“ It hasn’t taken much training to get people on board quickly.”

A New Way to Market Events

Spartanburg Community College has been using the software for about a year, so Jane is looking forward to starting a fresh academic year with key people trained and confident using the calendar system. Though, it’s already led to many benefits.

“For me, personally, it’s been the ease of event posting on the website. It was really cumbersome before. It’s very nice to have one place to post, and I can say make it appear here, here and here,” she added. “I appreciate the simple interface and the options for the list and calendar view. I really like that it is easy share on our social media.” Jane said the event calendar interfaces with their website so easily that it’s a breeze to put on several different sites or parts of one site.

event listing

It’s also customizable with the college’s branding, so much so that the change to this calendar was quite seamless. “If you can change something without anyone noticing, then that is great,” Jane said.

With a background in graphic design, Jane has used those skills to create unique icons for events that are accessible within the image library in the solution, so users have an easy way to use imaging.

“I would say if you have the support to do this and you don’t have a central calendar that everyone is going to, then Dude Solutions Event Management is a really nice solution for everyone to have a clearinghouse place to put things.”

Jane says the use of the online event calendar system has changed the way she and other users think about their event management. “You really want your institution to have a centralized calendar to use, but nobody has ever envisioned it as a marketing tool.”

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