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Touro College Announces Support for CanniCare's Medical Cannabis License Application

AIRMONT, NY – Touro College has announced that it is supporting Rockland County-based CanniCare's application for one of five media marijuana licenses to be issued by the New York State Dept. of Health (DOH).

If CanniCare is selected, Touro would provide the company with research into medicinal cannabis.

"Our college is supportive of medicinal development and research," says Alan H. Kadish, president of the Touro College System. "There is still a great deal of research to be conducted on the medical application of cannabis and we are excited by the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. We will also offer CanniCare advice on the clinical use of the medicine along the way."

Some of the research — to be funded from CanniCare profits — will be designed to ensure that the benefits of using medical marijuana are fully understood and that the risks are carefully considered.

"The State of New York is already working on a policy for when and how to prescribe medical cannabis, but there are always post-market refinements based on outcomes and protocols, and that's an element of the research we would conduct," Dr. Kadish says.

CanniCare's manufacturing facility will be near Stewart International Airport in Orange County. The company would operate dispensaries in Manhattan, Rockland County, Schenectady, and Rochester.

CanniCare plans to use a unique standardization technique, to which the company has access through its Canadian partner ABcann Medicinals, a world leader in plant standardization in the phytopharmaceutical industry. The process stems from intellectual properties, methods and licenses from around the world.

Standardization and being able to produce high quality medicine is the key to ensuring quality. The manufacturer must be able to reliably create and reproduce medicine within a very narrow margin of deviation, have medical manufacturing facilities standardization, and have all forms of the medicine carefully tracked and controlled, with all the genetics of one specific type.

"If we are fortunate enough to be chosen by DOH to serve New Yorkers who need this medicine, we have a responsibility to fund ongoing research so that the science and efficacy of medical marijuana continue to advance," says CanniCare CEO Joseph Zupnik. "We are honored that Touro College will be supporting us on public health initiatives in this endeavor."