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Startup Connects Universities and Employers to Boost Graduate Employment

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Fidelis Education, an online learning platform used by over 100,000 students at 50 colleges and universities, has launched a new feature that allows colleges and universities to “friend” companies that might hire their graduates. “Friends” have benefits including sharing content, mentorship and work opportunities. With the support of employer-mentors, students on the Fidelis platform can access real-time guidance to inform their path from coursework to career.

“For many students, successful transition from college to the workforce hinges as much on their ability to navigate out-of-class resources and relationships that lead to a career as it does on the core academic experience,” says Tom Bowling of Frostburg State University in Maryland. “The Fidelis platform helps bridge the gap that often exists between academic success and career success, and enables us to strengthen relationships with the potential employers of our graduates.”

New features on the Fidelis platform respond to demand from colleges and universities under increasing pressure to demonstrate workplace outcomes for students — and employers frustrated with the capabilities of recent graduates. In addition to career counseling, the Fidelis Community incorporates a “Likelihood of Mutual Benefit” (LOMB) algorithm designed to help students select mentors with similar interests, geographic locations, and likelihood of meaningful and beneficial collaborations.

Founded by former Marine officer Gunnar Counselman, the Fidelis platform was originally designed to support the transition of returning veterans into higher education. “I learned first-hand that all students — veteran or otherwise — are more likely to succeed if they can develop skills that aren’t learned in a physical classroom,” says Counselman. “Together, colleges and corporations can demonstrate this for students by helping them identify the experiences they need to qualify for their dream career.”

Using the Fidelis Partnership feature, companies and colleges become “friends” or “partners,” enabling them to share resources and networks. The platform includes functionality (1) for employees, who can identify access content and courses at the university and (2) for college students who can now easily access corporate training opportunities from their schools partners. Corporations can also share career opportunities, and colleges can promote teaching or tutoring jobs related to the company’s expertise.

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