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2017 Report on the New Higher Education Technology Landscape

BOSTON – Eduventures, the research division of the National Research Center for College & University Admissions (NRCCUA), has announced the release of a new report focused on the dynamic technology landscape. Eduventures and NRCCUA provide a unique blend of analytics, research and programs serving higher education leaders in both public and private colleges and universities.

The Eduventures 2017 Higher Education Technology Landscape Report was created to make the market more understandable and help higher education leaders evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of technology and service offerings. Available today, this report is part of an ongoing body of research that includes updated market data and trends for specific segments of the technology market.

Leaders in higher education face mounting pressure to deliver better learning outcomes, embrace digital disruption, and replace aging and ineffective infrastructure with newer, cloud-based solutions. This year's report is based on our review of over 500 vendors whose products and services mapped to 42 market segments, which represents a reduction of nearly 100 vendors since the previous review. Many of these vendors were acquired by other companies or had their products decommissioned as the result of a merger or consolidation within a market segment. Some vendors simply went out of business entirely or abandoned activities within a market segment, leaving their institutions scrambling to find replacement products and services.
According to Patrick Vogt, CEO of NRCCUA, “Today, every institution must have a unique mission regarding its schools and programs in order to survive and grow in this fast-paced education marketplace. Successful navigation through this transformation will be dependent on the selection of a solid technology and services portfolio. The institution must understand the value, as well as how it will serve and be held accountable to its learners as they prepare for their futures. Finally, institutions must create operational models that can help them weather the next round of technology disruption.”

For higher education institutions:
Eduventures has been serving the higher education market for over 20 years and witnessed a seismic shift that has academic leaders and policymakers re-evaluating traditional business models. Higher education institutions are becoming more judicious and strategic about purchasing technology that can deliver a differentiated experience to students and faculty. Our coverage of higher education technology provides a roadmap and set of best practices to help them strategically leverage technology for every aspect of their businesses and will become an essential part of a technology playbook. Research topics include analysis of:

Markets with largest number of new entrants including:

  • Student success and retention solutions
  • ePortfolio solutions
  • Business intelligence and analytics platforms
  • Online program management solutions
  • Social media platforms

Markets facing consolidation including:

  • Learning management systems
  • Digital courseware
  • Learning analytics platforms
  • Constituent relationship management platforms
  • Online course providers

Mainstream technology moving into higher education including:

  • Social media
  • Cloud–based student information systems
  • Software as a service providers

The National Research Center for College & University Admissions™ is an educational data platform and research organization based in Lee's Summit, MO and Austin, TX. For 44 years, NRCCUA has been a leading provider of data, technology and programs servicing public and private colleges and universities to enhance their marketing and recruiting efforts. These solutions represent the link between students making important life decisions and providing the resources and information they need to succeed in their post-secondary educations and careers. NRCCUA is part of Sterling Partners' Education Opportunity Fund. For more information, visit 

About Eduventures®
Eduventures, the research division of NRCCUA, provides data, research and advisory services that are focused exclusively on analyzing the forces that are transforming higher education. Building on 20 years of success in working with education leaders, Eduventures provides forward-looking and actionable research based on proprietary market data and advisory services that support both strategic and operational decision-making. Our recommendations and personalized support enable clients to understand the top traits of leaders in critical disciplines and evaluate the opportunities presented by new technologies. For more information about Eduventures' research, practice areas, and team, visit us at