Impact on Learning

Orem High School

Project Snapshot

PROJECT: Orem High School
DISTRICT: Alpine School District
LOCATION: Orem, Utah
COMPANY NAME: The Stonhard Group

Orem High School

Good aesthetics and effective performance are two of the benefits that kitchen floor systems from Stonhard were able to offer Alpine School District. With great noise-reduction properties and an an easy-to-clean surface, the floors also benefit students, giving them a clean, comfortable place to eat, learn and socialize.


Alpine School District, the primary school district for Northern Utah County in Utah, is one of the largest districts in the state with nearly 75,000 students and more than 7,500 employees in more than 85 schools. Over recent years, the district’s tremendous growth caused its schools to become crowded. When the district made the decision to construct Orem High School, they once again called on Stonhard to provide flooring for their cafeteria kitchen. The requirements were for floors to be long-lasting and stand up under heavy use, but also provide noise-reduction as well as comfort underfoot. In addition, they needed floors that would protect and perform in areas where temperature from equipment could be an issue.


Having trusted Stonhard floors for more than a decade, the Alpine School District knew that Stonres RTZ was the product they preferred for their kitchen serving and storage areas. Stonres RTZ, a urethane, seamless flooring system, is resilient and provides excellent sound absorption and ergonomic benefits. In addition, it is high-impact resistant as well as stain resistant. Stonres RTZ is often found in school libraries, classrooms and hallways, as well as healthcare and retail environments. The Alpine School District’s history of using this flooring system for these kitchen areas with positive results made it an easy choice for the new “Home of the Golden Tigers” at Orem High School.

Orem High SchoolAnother flooring system was recommended for areas where temperature could affect the structure and life of the floor, such as coolers and under ovens and fryers. In these areas, Stonhard installed Stonclad UT, a high-strength, urethane flooring system. Stonclad UT is formulated for heavy-duty environments and stands up to thermal shock and cycling which will stress and break down the surface of a floor without the protection this system provides.


Despite heavy use, the kitchen floors throughout the district continue to hold up well. Administrators and staff like how the floors look and how effectively they perform. The sound absorption feature in a noisy area makes working and serving students a more pleasurable experience and contributes to a better cafeteria atmosphere. The staff values floors that are easy to clean as well as stand on all day. These advantages contribute to a quality cafeteria environment in which to relax and refuel between classes for both students and staff at Orem High School.

Editor’s Review

Cafeterias and food service areas rank right up there with hallways and common areas when it comes to heavy traffic and constant use. These surfaces need to not only be long-lasting and easy-to-maintain, but, because of the size and use of the areas, decision makers must also be concerned about issues like acoustics and user comfort for both the students and the school employees. Alpine School District took all of these factors into consideration when making their choices for the new school, and it is has proved to be successful.

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