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Small But Mighty Colleges Featured in 2020’s Hidden Gems Rankings

IOWA CITY, IA – College Raptor announced its 2020 Hidden Gems Rankings, which spotlights great but lesser-known colleges as part of their overall mission of helping students and parents find “The Right College, The Best Price™.” Raptor has helped millions of families to discover college options that best fit a students’ academic, cultural, and financial profile.

Notable standouts for 2020 included Wheaton College, which has topped the Hidden Gems in the U.S. list in Illinois for the fifth consecutive year, and Samford University in Alabama, which is featured on four separate lists. Newcomers for 2020 included Muhlenburg College in Pennsylvania and Loyola University of New Orleans in Louisiana.

In addition to College Raptor’s overall Hidden Gems in the U.S. and best gems by region, the company curated new niche lists that highlight schools with popular degree programs and schools with the lowest student loan debt levels. New this year are rankings for “Hidden Gems for Teaching,” “Hidden Gems for Nursing,” “Hidden Gems with the Lowest Average Federal Student Loan Debt,” and “Hidden Gems in the City.”

It is impossible for families to be familiar with all of the 3,000 colleges that grant four-year degrees. That is why the Hidden Gems Rankings are so impactful in expanding a family’s scope of quality choices. Further, helps students calculate personalized match scores and costs at every school in the U.S. through advanced AI algorithms.

“We’ve created the best site for families to identify their best college options at a price they can afford. Sometimes this means helping families find colleges that they may not have known about but are great fits for the student,” says Bill Staib, College Raptor’s CEO. “Each student is unique and so is every school. We take pride in making it easy for students to make new connections to colleges through our Hidden Gems Rankings lists and college match tools.”

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