Florida Career College Launches Automotive Technician Program

HIALEAH, FL– Florida is ranked number three for the state with the highest employment level in Automotive, and Florida Career College (FCC) is providing hands-on training to those who want to start a career in this field. The Hialeah campus of FCC has launched an Automotive Technician Program, the first Florida Career College campus to add this in-demand trade to the list of their career training programs.

The implementation of this automotive technician program allows students the opportunity to receive hands-on training and skills to prepare them for an entry-level position as an automotive technician. Students who enroll in the program can earn their diploma in as few as 10 months and start their career in the field. Students will train in our new automotive lab where they can practice on real vehicles and develop practical skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more people are driving and the number of vehicles being operated is predicted to continue to rise. The demand for entry-level automotive technicians to perform basic maintenance and repairs to the millions of vehicles on the road will continue to be stable. FCC’s automotive technician program is designed to provide both classroom and shop training to students who will learn basic and advanced mechanic repair skills preparing them to meet industry demands as the need to help repair the millions of vehicles on the road increases. The demand for entry-level automotive technicians needed to perform basic maintenance and repairs on the millions of vehicles on the road remains consistent.

"We are thrilled to be adding the Automotive Technician program at FCC in Hialeah," says Niki Good, executive director at Florida Career College Hialeah campus. "With the increase in electric vehicles, there is a growing need for skilled automotive technicians who are trained to perform repairs on both traditional and electric systems. We aim to meet market demands by providing students with the training needed to start a career in the automotive industry."

Students can enroll now in the Automotive Technician program at the Hialeah campus. Learn more about the program and all other career-training programs offered at

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