Reopening Schools

Montana School Reopens With Safety Measures

Students at Willow Creek School in Montana returned to school on Thursday, reports CNN. The school, which serves between 50-60 students in grades K-12, is one of the first in the United States to reopen after schools shut down in March.

Some schools in Montana and in Idaho reopened last week with only a few weeks left until the summer break.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock allowed schools in the state to reopen as early as May 7, with the decision left up to local districts. Gallatin County, where Willow Creek is located, had 146 confirmed coronavirus cases and one death. Currently, there are no active cases in the county, reported CNN.

Bonnie Lower, superintendent at Willow Creek, says 76% of parents were in favor of reopening the school, according to a poll.

Some of the changes Willow Creek implemented included:  

  • Staff wear masks and carry pool noodles to measure distance between students.
  • Each student's temperature is taken at the door.
  • Students alternate when they are let out of class so there are fewer students in the hallways at once.
  • Common areas are being disinfected regularly.
  • Every classroom has hand sanitizer and wipes.
  • Bathrooms are used one at a time.
  • There are distancing marks on the playground.

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