Schools In Focus: Centering Student Health and Wellness In Design

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Today's episode is on supporting student health and wellness on campus through design.

Schools In Focus, Episode 8: Centering Student Health & Wellness in Design

Schools In Focus Podcast logo and headshots Turan Duda and Jeff Paine.

Over the last several decades, universities and colleges have made an effort to address student needs as a whole person. We’re seeing more and more health and wellness centers on campus that not only provide physical health and mental health services for students but are also a place to relax, study and socialize with their peers.

In this episode of Schools In Focus, Turan Duda and Jeff Paine, founding principals of Duda|Paine Architects, discuss how architectural design is shifting to better address the mental and physical health needs of students.

“There’s a new sense of awareness on college campuses that these issues of physical health, mental health, emotional health, need to be addressed with these young people,” Paine said. “We’re very excited to be designing buildings that really have that motive behind them, to really help take some of the pressure off of students today so they can be successful in college and university.”

We talk about destigmatizing health centers, creating a welcoming, comfortable space with choice, the use of natural materials, and the importance of prevention in student health and wellness. Tune in to hear more!

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