NY School District, Ameresco Partner for Energy Efficiency Renovations

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Ameresco, Inc. (a clean technology integrator focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency) announced that it was chosen from a competitive process to provide its services to Nyack Public Schools in Orangetown, New York. The contract lays out an energy savings agreement over 18 years, including photovoltaic solar and guaranteed savings to the district across the full duration. The first year of the contract alone will save the district almost $190,000.

Ameresco is set to invest about $3.5 million into the project. The agreement will help Nyack Public Schools address longer-term sustainability goals, as well as help provide necessary upgrades to its facilities—among them a high school, a middle school, three elementary schools, an administrative building, and a garage. The upgrades are set to include “improving interior and exterior lighting systems, adding 1.27 MW solar PV arrays (across the five schools) and demand-controlled ventilation, updating faucet aerators and improving building envelopment and kitchen walk-in cooler efficiency.”

“As a public school, our goal is to create a better and brighter future for the generations of tomorrow,” said school business executive Gloria Menoutis with the Nyack Public School District. “By entering into an Energy Savings Agreement of this magnitude with Ameresco, we can confidently say that we’re teaching our students an honorable lesson in the importance of sustainability and modern stewardship.”

The project’s goal is to reduce the schools’ greenhouse gas emissions. According to a press release, the terms of the contract will result in savings equivalent to 178 passenger cars not driven, 48,926 gallons of gasoline not burned, or 672 conserved acres of forest.

“Through the implementation of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions across Nyack School District facilities, we have the unique opportunity to demonstrate the importance of responsible energy management solutions to this country’s future leaders at such a young and impressionable age,” said Ameresco Executive Vice President and Director David J. Anderson. “My hope is that these innovative energy projects inspire students to pursue meaningful careers in science and engineering, particularly in the field of distributed renewable energy.”

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