Mohawk Adds Four Designs to LVT Collection

The Mohawk Group has announced the expansion of its Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) line, Living Local, with four new styles. The Chromascope, Optic Hues, Terrazzo, and Stonework designs are 2.5mm thick and come in 12-inch by 24-inch blocks. Alongside the existing Living Local Wood style (which comes in 48-inch by 6-inch strips), these new options give decorators and designers the freedom to personalize their education spaces with the mood and color that best fits the environment.

Living Local offers a wide variety of colors and textures for any interior space. “We are very proud of our Living Local collection,” said Mohawk’s senior manager of product marketing, Justin Hicks. “We believe that this expansion of the platform will provide customers with even greater opportunities to design the spaces they want and need.”

Mohawk Chromascope design
The Mohawk Group expands its LVT line with four new styles, including Chromascope (pictured above).
Source: Melissa Stocks, Mohawk Flooring

The new options include:

  • Chromascope: According to a company press release, this style “enhances feelings of solace and renewed focus.”
  • Optic Hues: The Optic Hues style “promotes the value of self-expression within the Visual Age, offering graphic textures and digital filters to create an eye-catching alternative to traditional hard surface visuals.”
  • Terrazzo: The Terrazzo style combines an Italian influence with “biophilic visuals” and accent colors.
  • Stonework: Finally, the Stonework design embraces the “perfectly imperfect natural materials” to evoke a modern but timeless feel.

The new styles bring an element of variety to the product line. Combining this aesthetic with features like M-Force Ultra technology, which provides protection from stains, dents, and scratches; as well as a 2.5-mm thickness that allows the tiles to stand adjacent to carpet tile products without a transition strip between them, these designs represent a clear step forward for the company’s LVT offerings.

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