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NC State Enters Phase 4 of Greek Housing Project

North Carolina State University is partnering with KWK Architects and Jenkins-Peer Architects for Phase 4 of its five-phase Greek Village Master Plan. Infrastructure work is in progress for a new apartment building and two new townhouse units.

The apartment building will stand four stories, cover 62,900 square feet, and have room for 147 beds in separate bedrooms. The unit’s main apartment design will be a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a living room and kitchen.

Design work is also underway for two townhouse units of three stories each. Townhouse A will cover 22,786 square feet and have room for a total of 75 beds, a commercial kitchen, and a shared dining room. Townhouse B will measure in at about 17,136 square feet and contain a total of 57 beds.

Demolition of current structures on the property—two Greek chapter houses, a duplex, and university entomology labs—is scheduled to be finished by June. Construction will begin after that and is expected to be completed by fall 2023.

The NC State Greek Village Master Plan was originally designed in 2006, then redefined in 2014, then redefined again in 2020. The goal of the plan, divided up into five phases, is to convert an outdated housing area into a state-of-the-art neighborhood on campus.

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