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Expanded Technologies Launches Antimicrobial Felt for Floor Protectors

Floor, furniture and surface protection solutions provider Expanded Technologies recently launched a line of antimicrobial felt for floor protectors. The felt—available as a premium upgrade across its Floor Savers, Floor Protectors, Formed Felt, replacement chair tips, and heavy duty felt pad products—was designed to prevent the spread of germs on surfaces like vinyl, LVT, tile, wood and marble in addition to protecting floors themselves from scuffs, scratches and other damage.

During tests conducted by the American Association of Textile Chemists and the International Antimicrobial Council Technology Center, 99.9% of tested pathogens that came into contact with the felt were killed, according to a press release. The felt can also help reduce noise, prevent rust stains, and help furniture joints from loosening.

“Floor scratches have the potential to become breeding grounds for many different types of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens,” said Bret Bushey, Expanded Technologies’ vice president of sales. “We designed our antimicrobial felt products to protect floors from scratches and decrease furniture noise. We hope that by installing this product on furniture, facilities will actively help to reduce the spread of germs.”

The antimicrobial felt protectors are available in a variety of styles, including slip-over floor savers, wrap-around floor savers, replacement chair tips, and clear sleeve floor protectors.

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