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Leviton Lighting Brand Launches First Unit with 365DisInFx UVA Capability

Viscor, a brand of Leviton Lighting, has announced that it is launching the Visioneering LRTH-DFX luminaire lighting unit featuring 365DisInFx UVA technology. Leviton previously announced that they would be licensing this technology for future use, and this is the first product to highlight these capabilities.

“As we return to regular activity in our shared spaces, safety will continue to be the highest priority,” said Richie Westfall, the VP/general manager of Leviton Lighting & Controls. “The LRTH-DFX troffer integrated with 365DisInFx UVA technology fills a critical need by enabling continuous disinfection without requiring occupants to leave spaces.”

Visioneering LRTH-DFX luminaire lighting unit featuring 365DisInFx UVA technology

The LRTH-DFX builds off of the previous LRTH model with a recessed architectural luminaire and UVA technology designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens. The unit can operate continuously and function in real time while people are present, and it was designed to emit UV doses below the human health exposure limit over a 24-hour period.

“Viscor is proud to offer the first Leviton Lighting luminaire featuring 365DisInFx UVA technology under the Visioneering brand,” said Pierre Legare, executive vice president with Viscor. “With the continuous disinfection provided by LRTH-DFX, we hope to support cleaner spaces that will allow building occupants to focus more on the activities they are doing rather than the cleanliness of the spaces they are in.”

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