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Lehigh University Selects Construction Firm for $70M Building Renovation

Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Penn., recently announced that it has selected a construction and development firm for a $70-million renovation project on campus, according to local news. Skanska will spearhead the redevelopment of Clayton University Center, a two-year project that will involve revamping its facilities while also preserving historic elements and nuances of the building. Major updates are set to include upgrades to utilities and installing a fire-protection system, Lehigh Valley Business reports.

Project elements include new electrical and mechanical equipment; renovations to gathering spaces, meeting rooms, administrative space, and lounges; and replacement of doors, windows, and roofing. The work will preserve existing building features like historic millwork and wood paneling, stained-glass windows, and the stone exterior.

“Skanska is a valued partner as we undertake the renovation of this important building on Lehigh’s campus,” said Chris Cook, the university’s Vice President for Strategic Planning and Initiatives. “With thoughtful design, we are breathing new life into the Clayton University Center, creating a fully functional space that will serve as a physical center for meaningful connections, idea exchange, and the cultivation of a strong campus community. We eagerly anticipate the transformation of this building into a vibrant hub at the heart of our campus, fostering community engagement, collaboration, and growth.”

A Skanska press release details new technologies the firm will use to ensure the full preservation of the building’s character. Laser-scanning provides a non-contact surveying method of the 100-year-old building. The captured data will be rendered in 3D and will offer the full means to analyze and visualize the structure. Skanska will also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to plan, coordinate, and visualize as-built conditions.

“We’re proud to partner with Lehigh University and to be playing an integral role within the renovation of the historic Clayton University Center, the first building built on the University’s campus,” said Todd Lofgren, Skanska’s executive vice present and general manager of Greater Philadelphia building operations. “With our skilled and diverse workforce, we’re able to preserve the integrity of the original building while ensuring its longevity for the generations to come.”

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