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Classroom Seating Pod Named as Certified Autism Resource

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) recently granted accreditation to the Kolo Pod, a product from commercial furnishings manufacturer Kimball International, as a Certified Autism Resource (CAR), according to a news release. IBCCES’s evaluation determined that the pods can help improve communication and positive outcomes for students with autism or other sensory sensitivities.

“Knowing that our Kolo Pods are CAR certified is gratifying,” said Angie Schuch, Vice President of Product Marketing at Kimball International. “We believe it’s vital to introduce solutions that can truly make a difference and support individuals in the places they work, learn, and heal. This distinction solidifies that our product portfolio includes solutions that empower individuals and support users in ways that go beyond floorplan layouts and configurations.”

The Kolo Pod was designed for learning, working, and healing spaces, according to the news release. The Anti-Eavesdrop design reduces sound and speech intelligibility from the outside to provide quiet in overstimulating environments. The soundproofing also allows the student inside to express anger or frustration with reduced disturbance to other students.

IBCCES is a global leader in professional autism and neurodiversity certification and training. It promotes products that meet its accreditation standards to a large network of educators, therapists, and parents, the news release reports.

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