Spring 2022 Spaces4Learning

Spring 2022


teacher cleaning a desk

Cleaning & Maintenance

Enhanced Environmental Hygiene for K-12 Schools

By Eugene C. Cole

Schools can be breeding grounds for infection, but simple interventions can reduce absenteeism by providing a healthy, productive learning environment for students, teachers and staff.

hooded figure behind a wall of computer code

THE Journal Spotlight

IT Experts Call For Transparency and Accountability

By Kristal Kuykendall

IT professionals are calling for greater transparency and accountability from school districts in their cybersecurity efforts—including mandated public disclosure when student or staff data has been breached.

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Disaster Response

Automating Disaster Response Plans with Mass Notification

By Paul Shain

During a crisis, school leaders have a large number of tasks they need to accomplish to fulfill the measures established in their safety plans. Each item can impact the safety of their students and staff, but the more items they are responsible for, the higher risk there is that one of those steps will get missed.


Campus Technology Spotlight

FLEXspace: Building a Community For Learning Space Design

How this repository of best practices is bringing together educators, designers, experts and decision-makers to help create innovative learning spaces around the globe.

By Mary Grush

Recently, Campus Technology visited with Lisa Stephens, Senior Strategist for Academic Innovation in the Office of the SUNY Provost and Assistant Dean of the University at Buffalo School of Engineering, about current and future developments in the FLEXspace platform.


Editor's Note

What a Difference a Technological Revolution Can Make

By Matt Jones

If there's one thing that continually amazes me, it's how much K–12 learning environments have changed since I was in school.

Acoustics and Audio Enhancement Technologies

Instructional Audio Helps Students Succeed

By Paul Romero

Access to intelligible, clear audio has never been more important with educators and students back in classrooms across the nation.


Ohio University Chilled Water Plant

Facility Focus

Facility Focus: Ohio University Chilled Water Plant #3

By Matt Jones

Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, recently completed construction on a third chilled water plant for its campus.

San Marcos High School

Building Blueprints

Building Blueprints: San Marcos High School

By Travis Hughbanks

The San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District and Perkins&Will's Austin studio recently partnered to expand the district's facilities by over 42,000 square feet.