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Learning Spaces Designed to Inspire Curiosity, Creativity, and Achievement

Join us to learn how schools and district leaders, as well as architects, designers and distributors, can chart a new direction through spaces specifically designed to enhance creative thought, classroom collaboration, and project-focused learning.

Challenges of the Pandemic: Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten

In this professional development webinar, we will explore the impact of Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) through Lessons Learned and Lessons Forgotten. COVID-19 is not the first EID we have dealt with, and it will certainly not be the last.

Creating Better Spaces for Learning

During this webinar, subject matter experts explore the findings of The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function (COGfx) study which, for the first time, quantifies the impact of air quality on student learning and teacher/student absenteeism.

A Connected Campus: How Smart Technologies are Saving the Student Experience

Join us as our expert panel share how schools from around the country and across campus departments are successfully leveraging funding and extended their technology investments to thrive.

Enhancing School Safety with CPTED

This webinar will highlight how principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) can make your learning environment safer. We will specifically address surveillance, access control, border definition, and maintenance.

VRF Heating and Air-Conditioning Technology: Making the Grade in K-12 Schools

Join us for a real-world example of how a school district used VRF technology to improve its facilities' energy efficiency, comfort and operations.

Designing Interiors to Support the Health and Well Being of All Students

Discover ways to optimize educational interiors to successfully support learners and to send the message that you are respected, welcomed and belong.

New Campus Realities: Meeting Evolving Delivery Demands with Contactless Technology

Join us to learn how institutions like yours are meeting new campus realities and heightened expectations of students and faculty with contactless technology like smart lockers.

Disinfecting High-Contact Surfaces in Classrooms to Decrease Student Health Risk

Find out about a new study that shows with administrative and teacher and staff support, routine custodial tasks can be modified to accommodate twice-weekly decontamination of high-touch contact surfaces recognized as key fomites for infectious agent transmission. This is especially relevant as schools consider preventive environmental measures to be taken to reduce health risk to students, teachers, and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spaces4Learning August DemoCast

Discover the latest products and services in the market via video demonstrations.

Utilizing Funding to Enhance Teaching and Learning

This webinar will help clarify and enhance your understanding of current COVID-19 relief funding, specifically in the K12 and Higher Education spaces.