On Demand

Preparing Our School Facilities for Reopening Safely

Join us for tips on cleaning procedures, increased preventative maintenance and overall safety while reopening schools in a post COVID-19 world.

Marketing in a Time of Crisis - Critical communications strategies during unprecedented times

This free presentation will help companies think through how to communicate during these challenging times and share some strategies to help plan and execute potential future crisis communications.

Enhancing and Supporting Education Through Interior Design

Come and discover with us the connection between education and design. What is education through a designer's eye? We will share research and user response that informs and improves educational performance outcomes.

Getting Good Data — and What to Do Once You've Got It

Having good data can make all the difference when it comes to items like justifying staffing needs and prioritizing projects. But how do you get your team to collect quality data, and what should you do with it once you have it? Learn more about how to get and use data to your advantage — and the tools that can help you do it — in this informative webinar.

Tips for Reducing Illness-Related Absenteeism

In this presentation, information and advice will be presented that will assist you in creating a healthier environment for your students and staff.

Health Sciences Facilities: Understanding the Interior Needs of High-Performance, Multifaceted Education Spaces

This webcast will explore strategies for space planning, intentional adjacencies, resource allocation, and appropriate finishes. Case study examples from several recently constructed health sciences facilities will be included.

Library Interiors: Creating a Central Hub at School

This webcast will explore strategies to strengthen connections at libraries, implement a master plan, create learning spaces outside the classroom and form a central hub on campus.