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Protecting Students' Social and Emotional Well-Being During a Pandemic Through Design

Join us to find out about design strategies that foster community; the importance of considering Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) within educational spaces; and the power of identifying personas to help school leaders understand how students move through a school building or campus and how they navigate their learning experience.

Enabling Choice: Redefining Security, Convenience and Safety

Join HID Global as we discuss real-time trends, best practices and solutions for the higher education community. In this webinar, discover how HID is enabling choice as institutions are redefining what security, convenience and safety mean to them.

The Spaces4Learning August DemoCast

Discover the latest products and services in the market via video demonstrations.

Preparing Our School Facilities for Reopening Safely

Join us for tips on cleaning procedures, increased preventative maintenance and overall safety while reopening schools in a post COVID-19 world.

Marketing in a Time of Crisis - Critical communications strategies during unprecedented times

This free presentation will help companies think through how to communicate during these challenging times and share some strategies to help plan and execute potential future crisis communications.

Enhancing and Supporting Education Through Interior Design

Come and discover with us the connection between education and design. What is education through a designer's eye? We will share research and user response that informs and improves educational performance outcomes.