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Smart Opportunities for Savings

Smart Opportunities for Savings: Navigating the Facilities Budget Shortfall


As institutions continue to feel squeezed by the economic impacts of COVID-19, facilities leaders need to find smart opportunities for savings: Short-term budget reductions that continue the institution’s progress toward its long-term goals. Download this eBook for guidance, practical advice and tips for creating broad support for proposed changes.

The State of Student Safety

Through the Gaggle Lens: The State of Student Safety


Gaggle's annual student safety report highlights key trends in harmful student behavior during the 2019–2020 school year. This report reveals the frequency of these behaviors among students nationwide so K-12 leaders are aware of these threats and can take steps to address them.

Selecting an ID Card Printer that will Meet Your Needs

Top 10 Considerations: Selecting an ID Card Printer that will Meet Your Needs


With so many important considerations to contemplate when selecting an ID card printing solutions provider, the task may seem overwhelming. We can provide some answers to important questions related to ID card printing solutions.

Power of Data in Uncertain Times

The Power of Data in Uncertain Times


Decisions must be made quickly in crises. Read this blog post from Gordian for a data-driven, decision-making framework to guide facilities leaders towards rational and disciplined responses during uncertain times.

5 Myths About Smart Card Migration in Higher Ed

Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Smart Card Migration for Colleges and Universities


Most colleges and universities agree that upgrading to high-frequency, contactless, smart card technology improves campus security and enhances user convenience. Let us bust the top 5 myths that have led colleges and universities to be unnecessarily wary of the migration to campus smart cards.

State of Facilities in Higher Education

The State of Facilities in Higher Education


There have been troubling trends growing like storm clouds over higher education campuses in recent years, and those accelerating trends are challenging traditional facilities strategies. The combination of swollen campus footprints and unstable tuition revenues is endangering many institutions. But new facilities strategies can help institutions successfully weather the storm.

ID Card Issuance

Has ID Card Issuance Been Marooned on a Desert Island?


Many companies have found themselves stranded and isolated when it comes to printing and issuing identity cards, but they don’t have to remain there. Read our short Executive Brief to learn 10 reasons why ID card printing is ripe for a rescue.

Bridging Your Skills Shortage in Operations

Bridging Your Skill Shortage


The rate of retirement, lack of trade skills and reduced labor market are forcing operations teams to think differently. In order to meet demands, it’s important to maximize skill sets. In this guide, you’ll find areas that can be developed across your team, training ideas, and more.

Fall Protection Guide

2020 Fall Protection Guide


As year-end approaches and you begin looking ahead to 2020, worker safety should be at the top of your list. Download the Quick Guide and get a head start on your planning.

Navigating the Changing Workforce

Navigating the Changing Workforce


Many modern workers are concerned because of the skills gap, labor shortage and change in the workforce. But in the midst of change, there is opportunity to better harness the common threads you share with your workforce to turn uncertainty into motivation for growth. Learn more in this guide.

Kenora Catholic District Case Study

Creating Agile Spaces without Construction Costs


The groundswell for change in Kenora’s classrooms began with teachers taking action to transform their outdated, industrial-era classrooms into open learning environments.

Energy Efficiency Program

Western Washington University Makes Over Energy Program


Western Washington University relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage their energy spending in the past, leaving them with no data. See how they transformed their operations, got the data they needed and saved over 200 hours per year.

Energy Management and Sustained Excellence

Gresham-Barlow Schools Save Over $1.5 Million Annually


See how this school district went from bleeding energy dollars to saving over $1.5 million a year in cost avoidance, earning an ENERGY STAR rating of 97 and becoming an 11-time Partner of the Year award winner.

Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions

Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions


In a time when the word "energy" brings to mind rising prices or conservation crises, there is a place where energy can be perceived with hope: the nation's educational institutions. Learn more about reducing environmental impact, saving money and improving the learning environment for your students in this guide.

ID Card Printing

Understanding Your Options: ID Card Printing for Higher Education


This Executive Brief will simplify the selection process—identifying and evaluating the top ten things to consider when choosing a secure card issuance solution that will meet your institution’s unique set of needs.