White Papers, Viewpoints and Case Studies

Classroom Design

Classroom Design: Where Aesthetics and Affordability Connect.

Virtual reality (VR) is going to school, as a collaborative, creative component in design for early childhood and K-12 classrooms. Giving educators and designers the ability to see how desks, seating, storage, and other accessories work together ensures that classrooms can successfully accommodate a range of learning activities and needs.

Rethinking Early Childhood and Elementary Learning Environments

Rethinking Early Childhood & Elementary Learning Environments

The need for flexibility in early childhood and elementary school learning environments has never been greater. From accommodating a range of learning activities and seating configurations to new technologies and health and safety, multi-purpose and flexible furniture are the new priorities for teaching, learning, and student success.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design: Time for a Reset?

How close are we to ensuring our school buildings are adequately protecting the environment? School design and functionality have become indelibly intertwined for the health and welfare of students, staff, and the planet. This paper discusses pitfalls limiting the “green” building and looks forward at achieving short- and long-term sustainability.

Learning from a Pandemic

Taking Lessons from the Pandemic for Classroom Design and Flexibility

From portable sinks requiring no plumbing hook-ups to safety shields and more modular table, desk, and shelving products, the pandemic helped us all innovate and re-think classroom design. Learn from the leaders at Jonti-Craft, a leading educational furniture manufacturer, how to solve design problems in every early learning space.