Electronic Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers

Recognizing the improved reliability and added safety of electronically monitored fire extinguishers, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) voted to amend NFPA 10 and NFPA 72 to include electronic monitoring in lieu of mandatory physical 30-day inspections. The ruling went into effect in September following ratification by the NFPA Standards Council.

Strong support for the acceptance of the technology came from fire officials, end users, and members of the fire protection industry. Mike Halligan from the University of Utah provided written testimony in support of the proposed changes. His school installed electronically monitored fire extinguishers in two residence halls in September 2003. Halligan remarked that prior to their installation the university averaged 50 stolen or fire extinguisher tampers per year. After installing electronically monitored extinguishers they experienced only one tamper in three years.

According to the NFPA, electronically monitored fire extinguishers allowed under their codes must include the ability to assess proper location, access without obstruction, and pressurization. Moreover, the system must provide record keeping in the form of an electronic event log at the control panel.

Don Bliss, former New Hampshire State Fire Marshal, also testified in support of recognizing the technology as an equivalent to the mandatory 30-day inspections. Bliss said,“The overwhelming support for the technology just makes sense, the technology brings better accountability to fire extinguishers, helps ensure code compliance and improves life safety.”

For some buildings that have hundreds and often thousands of extinguishers on-site, physical inspections can be very costly and time-consuming efforts. Proponents say electronic monitoring reduces these expenses and improves safety.“Fire equipment industry studies show that 90 percent of 30-day inspections simply do not happen — representing a huge security and life-safety risk,” said John McSheffrey, vice president of Business Development, for MIJA Inc., of Rockland, MA. “I think historically speaking, today's vote will be looked at as the turning point for fire extinguishers, the day in which extinguishers became a fully recognized component of an intelligent fire protection package. Going forth, why would anyone specify standalone extinguishers in larger occupancies?”

Source: MIJA, Inc. (www.mija.com)