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Modular Building of the Month Announced for July 2014

Modular Building Institute recognizes modular construction innovation in relocatable classroom construction in this project by Anderson Anderson Architecture in San Francisco, manufacturer Blazer Industries, Inc. of Aumsville, Oregon and Hawaii Modular Space of Kapolei, Hawaii.

Modular Building Institute is pleased to announce that the July 2014 Modular Building of the Month is Energy Positive Portable Classroom in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. This classroom was designed by Anderson Anderson Architecture in San Francisco, manufactured by Blazer Industries, Inc. of Aumsville, Oregon and installed by Hawaii Modular Space of Kapolei, Hawaii. This 1200 square foot classroom was constructed in 762 days and is easily relocatable, even to remote areas. Details on the project can be found here: Energy Positive Portable Classroom.

This revolutionary temporary classroom solution uses natural light and recycled insulation materials as well as an energy-efficient HVAC system to have minimum environmental impact and maximum contribution to a healthy indoor environment. The design focuses on performance issues directly impacting the learning experience of its occupants and the environmental quality of its community—thermal comfort, natural daylighting, indoor air quality, energy and resource conservation and generation.

The design optimizes photovoltaic roof surface orientation, naturally shaded north-facing daylight glazing and modulated natural ventilation which is then balanced with manufacturing and transport efficiency, functionality for classroom use, low operating costs and ease of maintenance. It provides excellent interior thermal, lighting, and acoustic performance based on current research in optimized learning environments, as well as electrical systems designed for contemporary and future digital teaching expectations.

The structure’s steel frame and steel/rigid foam sandwich panel floor and roof system are designed to minimize material use, maximize insulation and heat reflection, and deter pests and mold in the cavity-free structure. A simple double-wall metal cladding, along with metal roofing shaded by solar panels above a three-inch ventilated airspace, creates a ventilated double skin greatly reducing heat gain. All glazing is operable and north facing and/or shaded to prevent direct sunlight, and to optimize natural ventilation and comfortable airflow. Interior surfaces are low-VOC products. Exposed beams are FSC certified glue-laminated timbers combined with steel trusses to trace primary structural forces. Interior surfaces are naturally finished, low-VOC materials to provide good interior air quality.

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