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Four New ASCD Arias Publications Answer Concerns About Teacher Well-Being and Effectiveness

Alexandria, Va.—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is pleased to announce the release of four new ASCD Arias publications that address concerns about teacher well-being and effectiveness. An ASCD Arias publication is about 50 pages long and answers a crucial and timely "How do I . . . ?" question. These titles are available in print and e-book formats and contain original, stand-alone content that can be read in one sitting and immediately applied. These convenient and succinct publications offer expertise from experienced education leaders, practitioners, and researchers.

“In order to ensure success for each student, we must ensure that our teachers are growing, learning, and receiving support,” said Judy Seltz, ASCD executive director. “These new ASCD Arias publications provide practical solutions to everyday challenges and offer strategies to improve overall performance and happiness in teaching.”

These new ASCD Arias publications will help teachers find the support they need to overcome challenges, both inside and outside of the classroom, and maintain a positive frame of mind as they prepare for the upcoming school year:

  • The Resilient Teacher: How do I stay positive and effective when dealing with difficult people and policies? Best-selling author, educator, and school psychologist Allen N. Mendler explains how teachers can address common challenges, including district policies, colleagues’ actions, and student behaviors. Teachers will learn about Mendler’s formula of happiness and other strategies that will help them communicate tactfully and express their thoughts and expectations confidently and convincingly to supervisors, colleagues, and parents. ($12.99 print or $6.99 e-book)
  • Stress-Busting Strategies for Teachers: How do I manage the pressures of teaching? Veteran educator M. Nora Mazzone and nutrition and wellness consultant Barbara J. Miglionico share simple, proven tactics for managing stress, maintaining a positive attitude, and staying healthy while teaching. Mazzone and Miglionico explain their react, generalize, maintain approach, which will help teachers sustain their professional self-efficacy, confidence, and personal health during the school year. ($12.99 print or $6.99 e-book)
  • Student-Led Discussions: How do I promote rich conversations about books, videos, and other media? Educational consultant and former teacher and principal Sandi Novak provides a framework that will help students think deeply and communicate effectively about texts and media across content areas. She also provides links to videos that show how student-led discussions are conducted in grades 1–9. With this framework, teachers will find motivation to introduce and cultivate student-led discussions about literacy, establish core instructional elements, and recognize and evaluate rich conversations led by their students. ($12.99 print)
  • The Data-Driven Classroom: How do I use student data to improve my instruction? Professor and educational consultant Craig A. Mertler offers practical classroom examples and templates that enable teachers to implement a process for data-driven instruction. Through his systematic framework, teachers will have a better understanding of how to examine student assessment results and then develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional interventions. ($12.99 print)

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