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LawnStarter Ranks Top Landscaped Midwest Colleges

Academics, football championships, Greek life and now... lawn care? College rankings received a new category, thanks to a recent list researched and organized by LawnStarter.

Those that top the list in the Midwest region include Washington University, Northwestern University, Carleton College, Luther College, Miami University of Ohio, Notre Dame, Indiana University, Kenyon College and both UW-Oshkosh and UW-Madison.

Factors that went into ranking include the amount of green space on campus, the prevalence and uniqueness of landscape installations and the attention given to lawns and landscapes on campus.

"People often think of East Coast icons like Duke and Yale when they think of well-landscaped schools," according to Ryan Farley, chief operating officer of LawnStarter. "But a school like Kenyon College is just as ornately landscaped as Yale or any other East Coast college."

Farley hopes that the landscaping rankings compiled by LawnStarter will set a standard to which universities will aspire. "It's our hope that we can celebrate administrations that go the extra mile in landscaping, both for aesthetics and for sustainability."

LawnStarter, a technology company based in Austin, TX, created an online platform for ordering, scheduling and paying for lawn care. The company also offers free software for lawn care companies. LawnStarter currently serves markets in Austin, TX, and in the Washington, DC metro area.

You can find the full article of the best landscaped Midwest colleges here: