The Parking and Transportation Department at the University of Rhode Island provides information on its website on an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system, which grants access to gated Faculty and Staff parking lots. The website indicates that it is a tag similar to an EZ Pass, placed on a vehicle windshield, that allows access to gated lots without swiping an ID. Automatic Vehicle Identification Radio Frequency (RF) technology (AVI) is used at gated Faculty and Staff parking locations across the URI campus to automatically open entry gates.

AVI is used by URI instead of card access systems because card access systems alone can be slow and inconvenient to use. The AVI system is extremely fast, authenticating access in fractions of a second. AVI devices are 3.5-inches long by 2.5-inches wide — approximately the size of a credit card — and must be secured to vehicle front windshields. URI indicates the following benefits result from the use of the AVI system:

  • It operates successfully in all campus gated Faculty and Staff parking lots.
  • It saves the time and eliminates the frustration of fumbling for forgotten or misplaced ID cards.
  • It controls access to an area, encouraging only legal parking in the area.
  • The devices can be disabled easily if stolen.
  • AVI devices can be programmed for any time period of use and do not require batteries.
  • AVI holders can continue to use the device as long as they are affiliated with the university, and the AVI can be turned off when no longer in use.

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