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Zero Core Drilling Makes for Easy Installation

Troxell Communications, a nationwide leader in educational technology products and solutions for more than 60 years, helps educators create a more interactive environment for students. For that reason, Troxell was made the primary facilitator for all campus or classroom projects at a community college in northern California.

Recently, the college needed Troxell’s services to retrofit three lecture halls in one of the campus buildings. The project demanded that cable management of audio and visual equipment, such as projectors and speakers, be connected from the lecture podium to the entire classroom in each of the three rooms. However, because the podiums were located several feet away from the walls, Troxell was challenged with accessing the required power.

Troxell Account Executive Nick O’Day remembered Connectrac from a trade show and considered his options. Because of the building’s structure and budget, core drilling was eliminated.

Other wire channel systems were considered, but when comparing the products with Connectrac Wireways, the answer became crystal clear.

“Connectrac has a better overall build,” O’Day notes. “The look and feel of the product is higher quality.”

As Troxell prepared to install the wireways, they discovered a potential challenge in the lecture halls having uneven floors. With the adaptability that comes with Connectrac’s Wireway and its 288-inch electrical infeed and power outlet, the potential road block ended up not causing a single hiccup in the installation. “The wireways went in quickly,” explains O’Day. “We really liked the electrical assembly. It provided all the flexibility and all the wires we needed to connect everything together.”

Troxell completed the installation at the community college quickly and affordably while also maintaining the integrity of the lecture rooms’ aesthetics.

“As our product evolves, we continue to find ways to alter and improve it to make cable management available for any environment,” concludes Steve Batchelder, director of sales at Connectrac.

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