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Houghton College Buffalo Seeing Success with New Associate Degree Program

HOUGHTON, NY – Houghton College’s new and innovative associate degree program, Houghton College Buffalo, located in the city of Buffalo, NY, is targeted at new immigrants and refuges and seeing great success as the graduation rates look to be far surpassing the national average.

Houghton College Buffalo has just begun the program’s second fall semester, and enrollment numbers are growing. The One Symphony Circle location is currently enrolling 33 students, and, while the student body expands, class sizes still retain their small structure, providing a close-knit community of learners.

This two-year associate of arts degree program is aimed at local city students, most of whom are new immigrants, and intends to prepare them for local jobs, community involvement and/or continued education at a four-year college or university. The educational opportunity that this program provides is proving to meet the needs of many new Americans on Buffalo’s West Side. Houghton is providing basic educational opportunities for these people in a hands-on way that enhances their chances of success.

As this program expands, it is seeing success with those traditionally viewed as at-risk or high-risk students.

“We focus on economically and culturally disadvantaged students and we are committed to a high-quality, focused education delivered within the means of our funding sources, which do not include student debt,” commented Cameron Airhart, dean of Houghton College Buffalo.

With a national average of a dismal three percent graduation rate for two-year associate’s degree-seeking students, Houghton College Buffalo is paced to far surpass that with an 81 percent graduation rate.

Over the course of this school year, the program will launch internships for its students. Beginning in the spring, 12 of the second-year students will have the opportunity to participate in an off-campus internship. Through generous grants, the school is also quickly moving towards a major renovation set to be completed in early October. The school will also undergo a second renovation this spring to improve signage and renovate the kitchen and bathroom facilities.

“I am grateful for generous donors who believe in what we are doing and are behind the financing,” commented Airhart.

Houghton College Buffalo provides a diverse core of general education courses in writing, history, philosophy, social science, literature, communications, Bible, theology, mathematics and fine arts. Through these programs, a student can obtain an associate of arts degree in two years. For information about the associate’s degree programs, please visit