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Southwestern Michigan College Invests in Visual Learning

DOWAGIAC, MI – Sensavis Inc., creator of The 3D Classroom, and Southwestern Michigan College (SMC) have entered an agreement where the college will be using the fully interactive visualization tool in every classroom of its newly-renovated science center.

“We use state-of-the-art teaching tools like The 3D Classroom to enhance students’ abilities to visualize and conceptualize science content. I need some sort of image in every lecture I have, whether I have a model, sketch something on the board or show it on a screen. My goal is to use this imagery to help students visualize concepts I’m teaching, and my hope is that it makes concepts more interesting to students,” says SMC Biology Professor Dr. Anna Norris.

“The 3D Classroom is totally under the control of the instructor. It can be adapted,” Norris continues. “You don’t have to change your curriculum. You don’t have to shoe horn your lesson into someone else’s narrative. If we want to talk about an image for 20 minutes, we can, as opposed to loading a video which obligates you to go at its pace. There’s something for every member of the Math-Science Department, so the plan is to put this instructional tool in every classroom of the new O’Leary Building.”

The 3D Classroom has a clear focus on STEM and includes content within biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering and geography. Sensavis is in constant dialogue with schools using The 3D Classroom and continuously develops new content based on their feedback.

“The relationship with SMC, a learner-centered college with a focus on state-of-the-art services, is very important to us. We fully agree with their core value, knowledge for all. One of the key benefits with The 3D Classroom is that not only can it improve learning with as much as 60 percent for the overall student body, it also supports students having difficulty with written text to drastically better their results. We look forward to including SMC’s knowledgeable teachers in our extended development team,” says Fredrik Olofsson, President and CEO at Sensavis.

About Southwestern Michigan College
Southwestern Michigan College is a public, residential and commuter community college, founded in 1964. The college averages in the top 10 percent nationally for student academic success based upon the National Community College Benchmark Project. Southwestern Michigan College strives to be the college of first choice, to provide the programs and services to meet the needs of students and to serve our community. The college is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges. Learn more at

About Sensavis Inc.
Sensavis Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of the Swedish company Sensavis AB, with its headquarters located in Las Vegas. Since 2009, Sensavis AB has developed market-leading, fully interactive 3D visualizations. Its mission has always been to increase learning. In September 2013, Sensavis launched the first version of The 3D Classroom, a software product for all schools and all ages of students that increases motivation and learning in the classroom.