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Defense Starts At the Entrance

Flooring is usually the first thing that is regularly compromised, especially at high-traffic entrances. Quick fixes using carpet tiles are often preferred, but are they always the best, cost-efficient approach? Your entrance is where the first line of defense should start for trapping dirt and water. Too often, less expensive alternatives like carpet tiles only add to the problem.

The flooring product industry has changed significantly and it will never stop changing, but the one thing that will be consistent is the significant role entrance flooring systems play to ensure the entrance is kept clean and safe for building users and maintenance staff.

Entrance flooring systems play an integral part by helping to keep the entrance safe from slip, trips and falls while providing exceptional defense for managing dirt and water entering your building. When dirt and water are introduced to carpet tiles, significant wear begins to occur, usually requiring frequent replacement and becoming costly after time. The purpose of all entrance flooring systems is to allow dirt and water to fall through the system, trapping debris underneath the system while keeping the top surface clean. These systems partner well with many types of conditions, depths and flooring products. Employing an entrance flooring system in a recessed pit allows for a smooth transition from one top surface to another and are also available for surface mounted applications using specific ADA-compliant frame options.

Entrance flooring systems combine design and functionality with an array of insert and logo options, including the ability to work with other types of surrounding flooring materials to optimize a positive first impression.

Now is the time to integrate an entrance flooring system in your new or existing building and win the war on dirt.

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