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Safer Networks, Safer Schools

safe school network

Maintaining a safe network for operational information was a concern for Red Wing Public School District. FRSecure helped them by preforming a multi-phased security assessment to help ensure safety and security.

Red Wing Public School District in Red Wing, Minn., wanted an information security partner to help identify vulnerabilities. Recent news events of major firms being breached prompted a desire for the district to be proactive in protecting its information and network.

The district also considered the number of devices, buildings and education staff as compared to the number of technology staff charged with keeping the network operational and information safe. Kevin Johnson, director of Buildings and Grounds explains, “It is our mission to educate and we want to give our students the best education possible and technology is a vital tool to that end… there have been major breaches of large corporations who have hundreds of technicians dedicated, we have two technicians. If these corporations are having trouble, are we as secure as we think we are?”

Credibility in FRSecure came from TV appearances and radio interviews with founder and CEO Evan Francen after large information security breaches were discussed on major news outlets. However, it was an onsite visit that persuaded the district to select FRSecure. Johnson elaborates, “We had your team come down and talk with our staff. The conversation was technical; network configuration, current security measures, management practices and the like. Through the conversation it was pretty clear your team was a good fit and what we needed.”

FRSecure completed an objective multiphased assessment, which included an examination of the technical (internal and external) and physical security controls. The immediate result of the assessment enabled the district to pinpoint vulnerabilities within their system. Another result of the assessment was that it transitioned the district away from a reactionary information security posture with unknown challenges to a proactive posture with a systematic handling of known vulnerabilities. Johnson adds.

Red Wing Public School District values its relationship with FRSecure. “An information security assessment is not a one-time event but rather a long term engagement that is ongoing and requires a strong partner. FRSecure is that for us,” concludes Johnson.

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