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Easier Safety Logging for Michigan Schools

Through one of its newest product features, the cloud-based NaviGate Prepared school safety system is now helping schools throughout Michigan easily and accurately meet the state’s annual school safety drill requirements of Public Act 12.

NaviGate Prepared offers 24/7, real-time access from any web-authorized device to a school’s imperative safety information — effectively organizing safety information for administrators while giving first responders “eyes on” access to everything they need in an emergency — from floor plans to 360-degree images and more.

The technology’s new drill log function was designed to aid school administrators with the management and tracking of annual safety and training drills. It organizes and logs all pertinent information related to drills to better manage drills and meet state-mandated drill requirements.

For schools in Michigan, this technology is helping ensure school administrators are properly scheduling and conducting drills as well as reporting them to the state’s county Emergency Management Agency’s (EMA) and publically posting all completed drill logs for each school building in a district to the school or district website, as required by Public Act 12.

“The new drill log feature within our NaviGate system delivers tremendous value to our Regional Education Service Agency, bringing great ease to what once was an extremely tedious process for reporting and posting our safety drills per the mandates of Public Act 12,” says Doug Montey, building and grounds supervisor for Berrien RESA (Regional Education Service Agency). “We firmly believe in the NaviGate Prepared technology.”

Public Act 12 outlines minimum drill requirements for various drill types, such as fire drills, tornado drills and more, following suit with many other U.S. state safety drill mandates. However, slightly more unique to this act is that it also requires Michigan schools to post completed drill logs on the school or district website within 30 days of a completed drill, maintaining these logs for at least three years.

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