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Online Tool Informs Students, Educators and Advocates on For-Profit College Legislation

PALATINE, IL – Marketing Representatives LLC (MRL) is proud to represent BillTrack50, a versatile online tool that helps individuals, advocates and public policy groups monitor and track proposed legislation and regulations. BillTrack50’s platform provides an easy solution for students and other groups that need to stay up-to-date on developing laws and regulations relevant to for-profit colleges, institutions that have faced increasing scrutiny from state and federal governments over the last decade.

BillTrack50 is a revolutionary tool that allows easy access to pending legislation and regulations nationwide. This tool is especially effective for those who have an active interest in tracking new and pending bills at the federal and state levels. It provides a painless way to stay on top of the day-to-day legislative activities that impact new laws on for-profit colleges and universities, particularly enrollment procedures, accreditation, and funding from federal student loans.

“Higher education is a major topic of discussion in today’s political campaigns, and state and federal legislators are attempting to determine what, if any, new regulations concerning for-profit institutions are needed,” says Karen Suhaka, founder of BillTrack50. “Being able to track bills that have an impact on students, educators and taxpayers is a direct way of staying informed and engaged.  This is the best way for interested parties to stay connected with legislators who make decisions on how for-profit colleges can operate and recruit.”

Through a simple and intuitive interface, BillTrack50 allows users to locate, track and share information with other advocates and influenced parties. Communication between the involved public and legislative professionals is now available through any web browser or mobile device. Additionally, the BillTrack50 suite of products includes a mapping tool that enables advocates to view relevant legislative updates according to specific search terms, as well as share a state-by-state legislative map on their websites. BillTrack50 allows the advocate to create a custom map that will display bills that match the advocate’s chosen keywords, such as “higher education” or “for-profit college.” A map relevant to higher education can be viewed at:

“We wanted to create something that makes it easier for people to stay connected with a developing national discussion and debate,” continues Suhaka. “BillTrack50 is a searchable resource that helps interested parties track how these new developments are impacting educational policy.”

As the new agent for BillTrack50, Marketing Representatives LLC understands not only the importance of a platform that easily allows people to track and share important legislation, but also the importance of making sure people know about and implement this powerful tool.

“BillTrack50 is an extensive tool,” says Tom Hamilton of Marketing Representatives LLC.  “Legislation has strong effects on how colleges conduct themselves in regards to recruitment and enrollment. Being able to monitor actions that will affect important aspects of this relevant national discussion allows all parties involved to make informed decisions.”

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