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National Fenestration Rating Council's Redesigned Website Improves Efficiency for Visitors

GREENBELT, MD – The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has launched a redesigned website aimed at driving widespread use of its energy performance ratings.

Beyond a cleaner and more attractive appearance, the new website improves the user experience for NFRC’s licensees and the public alike by providing quick and intuitive access to technical documents and educational content.

“We’re delivering the information that helps all of our stakeholders make smart choices,” says NFRC’s CEO, Deb Callahan. “Whether it’s a business decision or a purchasing decision, we’ve got them covered.”

The site’s straightforward content aspires to create additional value with every click and to allow visitors to conduct research more efficiently. It is fully accessible from tablets and smartphones, providing a tool that functions equally well in the office and in the field.

“It’s more than just a facelift,” Callahan concludes. “It displays our commitment to service and open communication.”

While NFRC’s website is new, its address remains the same:

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