Tornado Safety at the University of Oklahoma

Here is the text on university of Oklahoma’s emergency preparedness web page giving instructions for safety in severe weather and tornados. It may help you create or update your own instructions.

“The City of Norman maintains a citywide civil defense warning siren that will be sounded in the event of a tornado warning. If severe weather is imminent and you are outdoors, move indoors as quickly as possible.

1. Consider obtaining an emergency kit and weather radio for your department.

2. Shut off any equipment that might be affected by a temporary loss of electricity.

3. Close hallway doors as you leave to shield the corridors from flying debris.

4. Move to any of the best available refuge areas in the building. Become familiar with the location of the best available refuge area in your building before a storm occurs.

5. When you are off campus or in buildings without designated shelters, move to a small room on lower levels, an interior hallway or basement. GET IN, GET DOWN AND COVER UP!

6. Avoid upper floors, large glassed areas, auditoriums and windows.

7. Stay out of parking garages, auditoriums and exterior walkways. Stay away from electrical appliances.

8. Use the telephone for emergency calls ONLY.


10. Call 911 to report any damage.

11. There WILL NOT be an all clear signal from the siren system in Norman.”

To see the University of Oklahoma text online, and for additional emergency preparation plans, visit

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