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University of Richmond

Project Snapshot

PROJECT: Shelving and Productivity Upgrade
INSTITUTION: University of Richmond
LOCATION: Richmond, VA
COMPANY NAME: National Joint Powers Alliance

University of Richmond

By replacing bulky filing cabinets with Kardex Remstar’s Electronic Lateral Filing System with help from NJPA, the University of Richmond boosted employee productivity and improved the security of student records.


With nearly 3,000 full-time students attending the University of Richmond, the Admissions Office is always a busy place. It has over 6,500 files it needs to keep immediately accessible to select staff while also keeping student information safe and organized.

Its lateral filing cabinet setup took up 820 square feet. Its entire bottom row of filing space was used for non-file storage and the entire top row of filing space went unused because it was unreachable for some office staff. Files were difficult to locate, staff had to contort their bodies to reach or read files, documents weren’t secure and valuable shelf space was wasted. The admissions office admitted it was time to find a better solution, something more efficient, secure, ergonomic and affordable.


After considerable research, the admissions office decided on mobile shelving. Upgrading to automated systems was a sizeable investment, but because of its National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) membership the university was able to choose the system it wanted from a reputable company at an affordable cost — all in a timely manner.

The university’s purchasing agency bought two Kardex Remstar Lektriever Electric Lateral Filing Systems (ELFs) with an automated vertical carousel design. The systems solved a four-pronged problem for the university by increasing staff productivity, improving safety and accessibility, providing greater file security and utilizing just 414 square feet of office space, 50 percent less than the previous system.

Staff members are now able to simply push a button and have the file presented to them at an ergonomic level, providing safe and easy access to student files at all times. Roll-out drawers and overhead light provide easy-to-read access to the correct folders and files, and included work counters create a convenient review space right at the shelves for quick re-filing. With bi-parting doors, the ELFs can be easily locked/unlocked, and the system’s’ Safety Information Panel (SIP) alerts staff if a drawer is left open.


The day-to-day operations are much smoother within the University of Richmond’s Admissions Office thanks to its Kardex Remstar systems. Staff utilize improved ergonomics, student information is more secure and the compact file systems free up floor space, making the office more productive and better able to serve students.

NJPA members have access to Kardex Remstar’s automated storage solutions through contract 040215-KRS. Learn more:

Editor’s Review

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) protects the privacy of student education records, so it is vital that institutions meet its provisions. By investing in an automated filing system, the University of Richmond not only has improved working conditions for its staff, but also has increased both organization and security of its students records and aligned itself well for FERPA compliance.

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