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Fullerton School District and Fullerton Cares Open New Sensory Room for Special Education Students - Fall 2017

Fullerton, Calif., June 26, 2017 -- Fullerton School District announces new sensory room at Sunset Lane Elementary School opening in Fall of this year, with school-wide trainings and presentations being held August 11. The sensory room is in a permanent classroom featuring many of the most high-tech and evidence-based sensory tools designed by educators and occupational therapists for regulation of the senses and behavior, including sensory swings, a “cushy corner” and more.

Fullerton Cares makes donations raised through grassroots fundraising efforts and corporate community support. Fullerton Cares, along with corporate and community supporters, presented and committed upwards of $10,000 at the March Fullerton School District in support of the creation of this space, which is now opening less than six months later.

The idea for this project came from within the school site itself, with Sunset Lane Elementary Special Day Class teachers Amy Jahn and Karina Tran working hard to make this dream a reality.

Fullerton Cares received recognition from the CA Assembly for their “commitment and dedication to providing support for autism programs throughout the Fullerton School District” from Sharon Quirk Silva of the 65th district and presented by Fullerton School district Board President Hilda Sugarman.

Said Sugarman of the founder Larry Houser, “Fullerton Cares and Founder Larry is an angel in our community. Here’s a parent who was given someone special as a child and thought ‘I’m going to take this opportunity to make it better for all families.”

Fullerton Cares Board Director Summer Dabbs said, “I want to thank the teachers for recognizing there was a need for this [sensory room] at their school.”

Dr. Tracy Gyurina, principal at Sunset Lane said, “I just wanted to thank Fullerton Cares and our partnerships for everything you are doing to support our vision…helping us realize our dream.”

Fullerton Cares Founder Larry Houser, a dad to a child with autism himself, says of the sensory room, “Fullerton Cares is deeply appreciative of the outpouring of community support to spread autism awareness and raise funds for local autism initiatives. This donation to the Fullerton School District is truly a community effort illustrating the passion in our community for including all people of all abilities.”

About Fullerton Cares: Awareness, acceptance and action are the pillars of Fullerton Cares, a nonprofit spreading autism awareness throughout North Orange County founded by Lawrence Houser, after being inspired by his son, Boyd, with autism. Raising funds for autism charities and programs in Fullerton schools through organized awareness and entertainment events, Fullerton Cares was founded in 2010 and has raised over $75,000 for autism initiatives.For more information, visit