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Keeping Entrances Clean and Safe

Keeping your buildings clean and safe can be a challenge; utilizing a functional entrance flooring product at your entrances can make all the difference. This durable product is designed to protect entrances throughout a building, is located where building users frequently enter and exit, and is made from materials like aluminum or stainless steel.

Entrance flooring is designed to maintain a clean, safe entryway. As foot traffic enters the building, debris fall between the rails into the recessed area below. Trapping debris maintains surface traction and reduces slip/fall risks, especially in soggy conditions. To clean and maintain, facility crews simply roll back or lift the system to vacuum debris from the recessed area. This shortens cleaning time and creates a safer walkway. Because entrance flooring can either be recessed or surface-mounted, there is less risk for the product to dislodge and pose an additional threat.

An educational facility can encounter thousands of students and faculty each day. It could also see heavy machinery like scissor lifts, dollies, or vending machines. It is important to select entrance flooring that is proven to withstand heavy rolling loads and continual foot traffic. Many manufacturers have testing criteria available to help you to select the best option for your buildings. Rolling loads capabilities vary by product, ranging from 250 to 1,000 pounds per wheel.

Installing a permanent entrance flooring system keeps your building clean and safe by trapping dirt and debris, reducing the risk of slip/fall accidents, and standing up to heavy rolling loads. Remember to side with a manufacturer that has trustworthy products and services to ensure safety and durability.

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