Grayson College Gets Approval for New Construction

Grayson College CenterNew construction projects are planed in the upcoming months for Grayson College in Grayson County, TX. A new viticulture lab and student success building project were recently approved by the Grayson College Board of Trustees.

The new student success center will be located behind the administration building for the college (pictured), while the viticulture center will reside alongside the current Viticulture and Enology center.

The new student success center will feature administrative offices and also contain a math hub and testing center. The project will also provide much-needed study space for students. The viticulture lab and student success center are joining other recent planned construction projects at Grayson, including a 100-bed dorm and various other facility improvements on-campus.

The two projects are being funded by reserves budgeted by the institution without using bonds. Plyler Construction of Sherman, TX, will be handling both projects.

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