Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Event Management, and Campus Security Revamped

de Toledo High School in Los Angeles, Calif., is home to 400 students plus 127 faculty and staff. David Marcus, de Toledo’s business manager, first joined the high school in 2006 after five years as a founding board member. When the school began to construct its new campus in 2012—one of the biggest initial challenges David faced was the management of their facilities rental program. In addition to student events, the school hosts about 3,000-plus events and works with over 64 outside organizations including, a swim academy, youth sports programs and more. Previously, the school had used a paper system for scheduling these events, which David describes as “clunky” and ineffective.

Relying on administrative assistants to write down scheduled events on calendars didn’t capture the full scope of event management, and they had difficulty determining available space. David chose SchoolDude’s event management system to help them streamline event management with an electronic process and to also keep track of everything from set-up/cleanup to supplies to calendars. With a paperless solution, de Toledo gained control over the thousands of events they host throughout the year and eliminated double bookings, raising the school’s profile as a steward in the community.

But with a higher volume of people coming and going from the property outside of school hours, concerns were raised about security. Working with a team of safety consultants, de Toledo created a new robust safety program, including a visitor ID program, lockdown procedures, access control badge entry for students and faculty, and much more. Previously, their safety plans were stored in binders and within PDFs online, but now faculty, students and parents can easily access safety plans on their mobile device with SchoolDude’s mobile safety solution. Thanks to SchoolDude’s solution, they can now report incidents and push safety updates to users electronically, eliminating the need for costly reprints.

This article originally appeared in the School Planning & Management February 2018 issue of Spaces4Learning.