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Capital University Offers Half Tuition with New ‘Good Guarantee’

COLUMBUS, OH – In a bold, unprecedented move in the higher education industry, Columbus, OH-based Capital University has announced it is offering a “Good Guarantee” to prospective students, ensuring half tuition for undergraduates whose families have chosen mission-centered careers through nonprofit and public-service work. The initiative, effective immediately, celebrates champions of the common good and states: “A brighter world needs more champions for good. You invest in others. We’ll invest in you.”

“Capital seeks to attract and nurture students who truly want to make the world a brighter place. Through the Good Guarantee, Capital is empowering families who’ve built their careers around championing the common good,” says Dr. Elizabeth L. Paul, president of Capital University. “Higher education is a significant investment, and many families are caught in the middle financially. They think private universities like Capital are out of reach. Our hope is that the Good Guarantee opens doors and conversations, and makes Capital even more attainable to purposeful people who are preparing for meaningful lives and careers.”

The Good Guarantee, a concept unique to Capital University, is inclusive of the entire nonprofit and public-service sectors—from teachers and law enforcement professionals to churches and faith-based employees, arts organizations employees and the military. This initiative adds to Capital’s very intentional focus on guiding students to develop a sense of purpose in their studies, careers and contributions to community and society—developing leaders for the sake of the world. This advances its vision of Purposeful People, Courageous Community and Hopeful Humanity. Another example is the university’s Bonner Leaders program, which provides scholarships for first-generation, underrepresented and lower-income students with a passion for community engagement and social justice issues. The students engage in deep community collaborations that address challenges and reduce inequalities so that local economic and social development lift all. Announced during Dr. Paul’s inauguration in 2017, this program kicks off its inaugural year this fall.

In addition to aligning with Capital’s mission to transform lives for a brighter world, the Good Guarantee reacts to an industrywide perception that higher education—and particularly, private higher education—is beyond financial reach for many families. Capital invests more than $50 million annually in funding scholarships and grants to help families afford their Capital education. Nearly 100 percent of its traditional undergraduate students receive financial aid. Keeping those financial equalizers in mind, Capital students are able to get a personalized, custom and holistic educational experience at a cost that’s competitive with larger state schools.

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